Bulk Filter Savings

Bulk Savings

Buy More, Save More

Looking to buy air filters for your home's HVAC system for the next 6 months to 1 year, or longer? NanoAir's got you covered! Save up to 15% when you order in bulk for your home or business.

Monthly Filter Subscriptions

Set It and Forget It

Forgetting to change those filters? Don't want the hassle of reordering when it is time to replace them each month? Sign up for our monthly air filter subscription package and receive only what you need right to your door. For a limited time, SAVE 50% OFF your first month's subscription order when you sign up.

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How It Works

1st step

Choose Your Filter

Online filter shopping has never been easier. Once you have measured your home or business's air filter dimensions, you are free to browse our library of 1", 2" and 4" HVAC MERV13 filters. Use our quick search function to find your filters by size quickly.

2nd step

Choose Your Order Frequency

Enjoy the ease of choosing how often you receive your air filters. Order once for a bulk supply and earn big savings depending on your order size OR sign up for a monthly filter subscription and we will send you fresh filters each month!

3rd step

Filters Shipped to Your Door

Sit back and relax knowing shipping is seamless and we only charge a small flat rate for any order size. Once your package arrives, break open your box and install those filters to start "upping your air game" today!

Search Air Filters by Size

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Don’t see your size? No problem. Contact the NanoAir team to request special filter sizes.

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Upgrade Your Air with NanoAir Solutions

We are NanoAir Solutions, providers of the finest air filters in the industry! We provide a line of high quality MERV-13 air filters for your HVAC system as well as dry fit facemasks and facemask filter kits at a competitive price that homeowners and commercial customers want and need.

Virus Free Air

Removes microscopic virus carriers from the air you breathe


Cutting edge technology for a fraction of the cost

Protection from Contaminants

Removes dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, decaying feces, pollens


Highest MERV Ratings

Highest industry standard for filter efficacy

Energy Efficient

Clean air without added energy costs, and less HVAC failure

Highest Quality

NanoAir brings advanced air filtration at a lower cost while providing better performance

What Type of Filter Do I Need?

ashrae recommends merv 13 air filters to improve ventilation in schools

Residential HVAC Air Filters

Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel safe and protected from the moment you step inside. The air that you and your family breathe can become contaminated and put undue stress on your health and well-being. Let NanoAir Solutions provide you with the best defense for your family and learn how you can virtually eliminate all of the harmful particles floating in and around the air in your home.

ashrae recommends merv 13 air filters to improve ventilation in schools

Commercial HVAC Air Filters

Now more than ever our business customers are looking for ways to proactively support and protect both their internal and external customers, and the NanoAir Solutions team is here to help! The NanoAir suite of products allows you to put safety and security at the top of your priority list, by providing a one-stop-shop for air filtration. By utilizing our HVAC filters and dry-fit face masks equipped with nanofiber treated filters, you are able to virtually eliminate all of the harmful particles floating in and around your business.

Proudly Made and Manufactured in the USA

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NanoAir protects your family from what’s outside and inside your home

Stay protected from harmful microorganisms (often airborne) that can get inside your home.

Reduce the amount of debris that is cycled through the air you breathe, everything from dust and mold to bacteria and viruses.

Improve the air flow and efficiency of your furnace. Clogged filters restrict HVAC airflow, causing the filter to clog with allergens and other particulates. Make sure to change them every 30-60 days.

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