We’re about NanoAir

NanoAir Solutions was created to become the best offense against the global pandemic of unfiltered air. Utilizing nanotechnology and homegrown in the USA we are at the forefront of connecting people with the protection they need, at a price they can afford. Energy efficient and sustainable, our products are developed with a global customer in mind. Our motto is simple: The best defense is a good offense. Be proactive in the protection of your most valuable assets.

Mission Statement

NanoAir Solutions aims to create a healthy breathing environment for our customers around the globe using groundbreaking nanotechnology, custom designs and energy efficient products. Breathing clean air should not be a privilege, rather a right – And one we are proud to support.

Value Statement

Four core values drive all aspects of our work and vision for the future:

Our products and policies are founded on science, developed with technical expertise, and executed with distinction.
We are at the forefront of air quality improvement and pioneer new strategies to achieve healthy air and protect our customers.
We include and engage all stakeholders to create broad acceptance for healthy air solutions.
Our staff are genuinely committed to our mission and values.