NanoAir Max Facemask Filters


  • Filter out 85% of all particulates – including COVID-19!
  • Easy to breathe through
  • 3x more effective than standard PM 2.5 filters
  • Cut your filter to your desired size
  • Use the FREE filter template – cut with scissors and go!
  • Single use only
  • Do not wash or heat
  • New day, new filter!


Everyone is looking for the highest level of protection from airborne illnesses, bacteria, and debris, however the options have been limited to choosing either a strong level of protection OR something that the average person can actually breathe while wearing. With the creation of NanoAir Max Facemask Filters you no longer have to make that choice between protection and breathability.

A NanoAir Solutions filter will bring you N95 protection (non-medical PPE) without the heavy airflow restriction…literally the best of both worlds!

NanoAir Solutions offers the most amazing facemask filter kits that will elevate any facemask from minimal coverage to maximum protection. We provide a free template with each kit to help guide you in finding just the right size filter for your masks. Multiple size faces and masks? No problem! Our kits allow you to cut your filters from our nanofiber face mask material in the exact size to fit your family. No more wasting filters that are too big or too small.

Our custom kits include material for up to 45 face mask filters, one free mask, and one free custom filter template.


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