Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel safe and protected from the moment you step inside. The air that you and your family breathe can become contaminated and put undue stress on your health and well-being. Let NanoAir Solutions provide you with the best defense for your family and learn how you can virtually eliminate all of the harmful particles floating in and around the air in your home. From microbes carrying bacteria and viruses, to allergens like dust, dander and mold spores, our MERV-13 air filters safeguard even the most sensitive lungs. Did we mention that while providing the highest level of protection our filters are still one of the most energy and cost efficient options in the market today? The NanoAir team believes that the best defense is a good offense. Upgrade your air today with NanoAir.

The NanoAir Advantage creates a barrier between the most harmful particles and the things that matter most in life. We provide an energy efficient, yet affordable, and health-care focused solution to your indoor air quality needs. We employ a state of the art nanofiber technology reducing the pore size and fiber size thereby capturing the smallest and deepest penetrating particles invading our respiratory health at an efficient and economical advantage.

Recently the CDC and ASHRAE, have recommended the ASHRAE MERV 13 / ISO ePM 2.5 > 50% filtration levels for IAQ defense in combating the spread of Coronavirus in our residential and commercial indoor air environments. Our filters provide a physical barrier between these most harmful particles and the safety of our work and living spaces.

Why NanoAir Filters?

Virus Free Air

Removes microscopic virus carriers from the air you breathe


Cutting edge technology for a fraction of the cost

Protection from Contaminants

Removes dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, decaying feces, pollens

Highest MERV Ratings

Highest industry standard for filter efficacy

Energy Efficient

Clean air without added energy costs, and less HVAC failure

Great Quality

NanoAir brings advanced air filtration at a lower cost while providing better performance

Proudly Made and Manufactured in the USA