Are your face masks and filters safe for kids?

Yes. NanoAir Face masks are safe for children and offer the highest level of protection while making it easy to breathe for your little ones. Our face masks are made of a highly breathable dry-fit material, this is excellent at wicking moisture and feels light on your face. We offer the following sizes: Youth S/M, [...]

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Do you have auto re-order?

Yes, we offer auto-reorder subscriptions that ship directly to your door. Never worry about running out of protection again or needing to stand in line to get your filters or face masks.

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Why are nano air filters the best option?

Competitors may offer MERV-13 efficiency, but they cannot offer that level of protection without sacrificing air flow performance. NanoAir Filter technology offers the highest level of protection at the lowest initial resistance making this the best choice for indoor air quality filtration.

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Are your filters energy-efficient if they capture so much more dust and debris than a standard filter?

NanoAir Filters have an impressively low initial resistance providing superior energy savings. Due to the high efficiency performance, we recommend changing the filters every 2 months to maintain the energy savings, quality, and life of your HVAC system, and monthly if you have pets, or experience any breathing sensitivities.

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How does the nano technology on your filters work?

NanoAir filters have pore sizes designed to capture the smallest most-respirable and penetrating particles. You can think of it as extremely small spider webs run back and forth across the filters, and their sticky base captures virtually everything that comes in contact with it!

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What exactly does the term “MERV” mean and why do I need a MERV-13 filter?

MERV is a filter grade standard measurement for the efficiency performance. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A MERV-13 filter is capable of capturing even the smallest sized particles such as bacteria, virus carriers, mold and more. It provides you with the highest level of defense and creates an outstanding environment of clean air.

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How often should I actually change my HVAC filter?

For optimum performance, you should change your filter monthly. Replacing your filter every other month is also acceptable as long as you do not have pets, excessive smoke or anyone with asthma or breathing sensitivities in your home or building. While our filters are highly energy efficient, they are created to capture far more debris [...]

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