14x18x1 NanoAir Air Filter – Merv 13

$137.04 22.84 available on subscription from $123.00 22.84 / month

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  • Protect more sensitive lungs
  • Highest rated filter to reduce most pollutants
  • Reduces pollen, dust, lint, dust mite debris, pet dander & mold spores
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smoke
  • Removes bacteria & virus carriers
  • Creates cleaner indoor air


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If you want the ultimate solution to air quality concerns in your home, this is the air filter for you! The charged synthetic media in the filter attracts and captures very small particles that can irritate your lungs. We offer a convenient shopping experience with air conditioner filters and furnace filters in your size. We’ll deliver your filters right to your front door!

  • Pleated media provides an extended surface area for highly-efficient filtration
  • MERV 13 rating means the filter removes 90% of particles from 1-3 microns in size (including bacteria and particles that carry viruses)
  • Meets “LEED” green building standards for new and existing buildings
  • Filters suggested to be changed every 30 days for homes with sensitive lungs. For standard use, change every 60 days.
  • Made with pride in the USA


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