Covid 19 caught the world largely by surprise, and we scrambled for just about the next mask that we could get our hands on. With supplies running low, you were lucky to have a consistent supply. One year down the line, and with so much progress that has taken place in between, we know better. Business owners are considering which are the best face masks in the workplace. Perhaps in the future business owners will be providing employees with masks according to their desired standards. Different face masks work differently, and there are several factors to consider before settling for the best fit. So, we are breaking down the best strategies for choosing the right face masks.

The vaccines are now taking effect, allowing normalcy to resume in schools, businesses, and the community at large. Yet we’re not out of the woods yet; Covid is still here among us. We suspect face masks will be part of our protective strategy for a lot longer. Therefore, choosing the right face masks in the workplace is still important for every business.

business woman holds hands on face masks in the workplace

Fortunately, experts have now taken to research and design for more effective masks. They started by analyzing the masks used previously and listening to the experience of the users shared below.

  • Non-breathable masks that had users nearly suffocating. They had to keep pulling them down to breathe, exposing themselves to the virus.
  • Weak masks whose straps snapped easily.
  • Limited sizes available, with no provisions for minors and those with fuller faces.
  • Limited color options
  • Single-use masks needed to be bought frequently, and the supply was not assured.
  • Moisture accumulating in the mask resulting in a wet, uncomfortable disposable facemask is all dirty and wrong when choosing the right face masks

Fortunately, as people now return to work, they can be assured of a better experience.

Choosing the Right Face Masks: Reusable Masks

choosing the right face masks means reusable not discarding on the street
choosing the right face masks will reduce waste

In just one short year, the world has used and discarded millions of single-use surgical masks. This is a considerable amount of waste. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of all these discarded masks, then choosing the right reusable masks makes sense. Obtaining a high-quality, reusable mask then becomes part of your individual effort in conserving the environment by reducing the materials that end up in the landfill.

A reusable mask also saves you money. Single-use masks may be cheap, but the cumulative cost of having a new one every day far exceeds the cost of a reusable one. At a time when cash is hard to come by, a durable washable mask will give you maximum value for money.

Face Masks in the Workplace: Removable Filters

Many people are wary of the fabric masks as they deteriorate with time. Fortunately, we have reusable face masks with filters that are changed daily or as necessary. Face masks in the workplace are used all day and every day, so removable filters are critical.

Many elements go into the making of a mask, but its effectiveness boils down to the quality of the filter. By using a new filter every day, you can be assured of maximum protection against the dreaded Covid Virus. What’s more, you can cut the filter into the precise size required for your mask to reduce waste.

During the lockdown, masks were mostly worn when going out and removed as soon as you got back. And such trips were limited. When spending the day at home, as was the norm, you didn’t have to think about the mask. As businesses open up, however, people will be required to be in their masks all day. Those non-breathable materials that leave you gasping for breath will simply have to go. Having a breathable material is now even more essential, to make the mask comfortable enough to wear all day.

Other than the Covid virus, there are those who need protection from bacteria, debris, dust, pollen, and other allergens. If you’re looking for face masks for people with asthma, those with filter pockets are your best bet.


With the surgical masks, one size fits all. No matter your age, size, or face shape, you have to somehow make it fit. Most people end up with minimal coverage, leaving themselves exposed to the virus.

Fortunately, NanoAir helps when choosing the right face masks. Masks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so everyone can have their best fit. A well-fitting mask should lie flush to the skin, leaving no visible gaps. Even those with beards or mustaches should find masks that fit comfortably.

color chart is helpful when choosing the right face masks in the workplace

Masks do not have to be dull either. You can now go for the color of your choice. As a business if you are choosing the right face masks in the workplace, you can match your brand colors, or even have different colors for different teams in your organization. You can also buy different colors for different days of the week, or for different occasions, just as you do with clothes. Choosing the right face masks with reusable filters and different colors has now become a positive for morale in the workplace.

Having picked the best face mask for the workplace, you just need to wash it regularly. You can be assured of maximum protection coupled with comfort, something that was hard to come by with previous masks.

NanoAir Solutions believes in MERV 13 rated filters as the best choice. In addition, NanoAir filters have additional features that make them more desirable that the average reseller filters. Check out our Face Masks with reusable filters. If you need help give us a call at 844-NAN-0-AIR [(844) 626-0247] or reach us at