MERV vs. FPR Air Filters for Residential and Commercial Uses

With people spending most of their time at home, their top priority is ensuring they have good quality air. That is why more and more people are on the lookout for efficient air filters that can catch harmful pollutants in the air. We will help guide you with this article by analyzing MERV vs. [...]

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Ventilation in Schools and COVID-19 Spread

Obviously the spread of COVID-19 is on everybody’s mind. In particular for the school personnel and the risks involved for teachers and students. The news is filled with stories from different states regarding the reopening of their schools. And improving ventilation in schools is becoming a higher priority. The American [...]

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MERV vs. HEPA Air Filters for Commercial & Residential Uses

Improving your indoor air is especially important. But how can you do that? How can you remove or at least reduce the sources of air pollutants, viruses, and germs?  This is where air filters come in. But the thing is, some air filters work great while others are not so efficient. For this reason, [...]

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