Before we address face masks with filters, let’s stop and just consider face mask usage in general. Face masks have been used by so many of us to protect from Covid 19, but those with allergies and asthma are reaping multiple benefits from the masks. People with allergies or asthma react to pollen, dust, fur, mold, and other irritants by sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and chest congestion due to excess mucus. Masks prevent these particles from being inhaled.

Many people with allergies or asthma were not previously aware that face masks could help prevent allergies. After months with Covid 19 masks, they noticed that instances of allergic reactions had reduced significantly, even when exposed to irritants. They figured it out by chance and practice. Others already knew that wearing a mask could help but walking around with a mask pre-Covid was deemed a bit dramatic. Fortunately for them, wearing face masks has become normalized, and even after the pandemic is over, those with allergies can always wear them whenever necessary. As the economy opens up and people spend more time outdoors, allergies are bound to be more common than when staying indoors.

As most people wait to ditch the masks as soon as the coast is clear, those with allergies will continue to keep theirs close by. For this reason, they should be even keener when selecting their masks, since they’ll have them for the long haul. And face masks with filters and other features will become more and more desirable along with their advantages.

Consider Eco-friendly, Reusable Masks

Reusable masks are durable enough to be used multiple times. You do not have to keep buying a new one each time. Those kinds of filters are potentially damaging for the environment and for your pocket. Go for the greener option whenever possible.

People may be concerned as the mask fabric gets weak weaker with time. A simple test is always suggested to gauge the effectiveness of your mask. Light a match or a candle, and try to blow it out through the mask. If you can put off the flame, then the mask is no good. Would a reusable mask pass this test? Well, only at first. After some wear though, one can comfortably blow out a flame through the mask. And even normal reusable masks will end up in the landfill too, after some weeks or months. Until someone came up with an ingenious solution.

Face Masks with Filters & Pockets

Normally masks are discarded once they’re no longer filtering properly. But how about a removable filter? You don’t need to dispose of the entire mask. What an idea! Good quality reusable face masks with filters or one with a filter pocket makes all the difference.

The filters are used just once, a new one every day. This way, you can be assured of maximum protection every single day. Unlike many masks before, face masks with filters are highly breathable. You can use them throughout the day and still breathe comfortably. You do not have to keep removing them for some uninterrupted air as is often the case with surgical masks.

face masks with filters that can be cut to size and inserted in mask pocket
nanoair face masks with filters chart shows benefits and resistance levels

And NanoAir Solutions is proud to announce their Max Facemask Filters based on their MERV 13 technology advancements. There are the best face masks with filters that protect you, are comfortable, and affordable all at the same time.

The face masks with filters come in various standard sizes, but you can always cut the filters to match the pocket of the mask you’re using. The filter keeps out pollen, dust, smoke, fur, bacteria, and viruses. At the end of the day, the filters are removed and disposed of safely. The mask is then washed normally as any other piece of clothing.

The Right Fit for Face Masks with Filters

At first, there were not enough options. Fortunately, the past year has changed all that. We now have many different types and choosing the right face masks with filters should not be too hard. Ensure that you go for the right fit. With diverse sizes available, pick the one that covers your nose and mouth comfortably. Provisions are also made for different face sizes and shapes, so everyone can have a perfect fit.

For men, facial hair makes a significant difference in how the mask fits and sits. Coupled with the moisture buildup that happens in some masks, every minute in that mask is torturous. That does not have to be the case. You can now have face masks with filters that gives you the necessary coverage and remains comfortable.

Children are often forgotten when it comes to sizing face masks, particularly face masks with filters. Fortunately NanoAir Solutions has created Youth Dry Fit Facemasks to work with children from 2yrs old through older kids until they can wear adult masks. They also come in a variety of colors which your children will love.

multiple colored youth face masks with filters and varied sizes

Colors and Styles for Face Masks with Filters

If you’re going to be in your mask often which is more than likely, you may as well make it with a little style. You can choose pleasant colors and prints to complement your outfits. You can have several colors of face masks with filters, and you can pick which to wear as you pick your clothes. If you have a themed event, you can have matching masks. And you do not have to compromise the effectiveness of the process since NanoAir Solutions face masks are designed perfectly for filter inserts.

With all these options available, you have no excuse to choose anything less than perfect. The Covid situation is largely under control, but we cannot afford to relax the preventive measures just yet. Choosing the face masks with filters from NanoAir Solutions goes a long way in protecting you and those around you.

NanoAir Solutions believes in face masks with filters are the best choice. In addition, NanoAir filters have additional features such as MERV 13 technology providing the best protection, breathability, and filter kits that make them more desirable that the average reseller masks. Check out our face masks with filters in a variety of sizes and colors. If you need help give us a call at 844-NAN-0-AIR [(844) 626-0247] or reach us at